Let's Go Through and Improve Your Product's Design Together.

My assistant and I will conduct the call with you together.

Giving your user the best experience while using your product is the only way to make sure they keep coming back. No one continues to use something that frustrates them, and that’s why having a properly designed product is so important.

To put is simply, users go with whatever makes their life easiest. Bad product design makes a user's life harder, which means they'll go to your competitor to find an easier solution.

Here’s How Your Consulting Session Will Work...

After you book your session(s), you send me the URL or location of your product so I can download it/login and browse through it.

I take notes and point out all the design problems (like UI, UX, etc.), as well as other potential flaws I see that could be causing your users to become frustrated.

Then, we sit down for an hour long Skype call where we chat about all your problems and the exact steps you should be taking in order to fix them.

If you book multiple sessions, I guide you along the entire process, giving you advice and feedback as you improve. It's also cheaper to buy multiple sessions.

Craig has a "let's get it done" work ethic that leverages his excellent UI/UX design flair. His understanding of customer acquisition strategies was a key link in connecting the design to our business goals.
Alex Baluta
CEO - Minoe, Temperance Capital

As I mentioned above, my consulting services are available to be purchased on a session by session basis, or in packages of 2 or 4. Multiple sessions come with a considerable discount.

Each session gets you 60 minutes with me, as well as a recording of our entire session, and any notes I've taken before hand.

After you purchase, you will recieve a link to all available spots on my calendar which you can then book.

Book 1 x 60 Minute Session

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