For one hour, I’ll give you valuable, live feedback on any usability issues you may not be aware of with your product, and provide step by step actions on how to fix them.

What My Customers Are Saying

“Craig did an awesome job of helping us improve things that we didn’t even see! After just an hour-long consultation with Craig, we ended up with 2 pages of improvements.”

“Fantastic! Don’t be deterred by the "one-hour" because that’s just the review time Craig spends with you 'in-person' reviewing his findings… We’re looking forward to engaging Craig again.”


One Hour Usability Session

$199 for One Hour

Private, 60 Minute Video Hangout Session with Craig

Private, 20 Minute Follow Up Session

Recording of Session Hosted on YouTube (private link)

Feedback Notes from Full Session

100% Money Back Guarantee

Hi, I'm Craig Morrison

Hi there, I’m Craig Morrison. I’m a Usability Expert and UI Designer with a passion for creating usable websites. Shortly after starting out in the field of interactive design, I realized how easily I would become frustrated(ok... furiously angry) with confusing, unusable websites. I wanted to ensure the users of my sites didn’t run into the same issues, so I began studying best practices on how to design different aspects of websites, such as search functionality, call to action buttons, navigation, layout, etc. I also learned about user behaviour, why they act the way they do, and why they want things to act a certain way.

With so many new startups and digital soloprenuers bootstrapping their projects, I thought that many people could benefit from a short usability session with me. One where I could point out potential usability errors with their site, and save their users from a frustrating user experience, and lead them to a more successful product launch.